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A typical day may look like this:


Before morning break: An hour with Erazmus the King's Armourer who will introduce the day and briefly look at the Wars of the Roses before giving a more general overview of life for the ordinary person in Tudor times.


After morning break: An hour with Queen Katherine Parr who will talk about her own experiences of the King and prepare the pupils for thier meeting with him. This may include teaching them a song (if permitted under your Covid precautions).


After lunch: One and a half hours with the King, with the two courtiers in attendance. The pupils will have the opportunity to offer the King a gift of their song as an attempt to lift his sombre mood as he contemplates the events of his life. The session will end with a dance (again if permitted).


It can all take place in the classroom but the visit to the King, especially, is better in a larger space. It adds to the gravitas but also allows for a degree of interaction as well as the dance.


Alternatively a half day session is also possible with the King and Erazmus. Again this is totally flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements.

The aim of the visit by Henry VIII is to provide an insight into what life was like under his reign and what would be expected of the pupils as his subjects. It is broadly based but can easily be tailored to fit your individual learning requirements.


It is suitable at all levels of the curriculum.

Please contact us for furter details or to discuss your ideas.

tel:07788 140572     e mail: [email protected]

Available in person or virtually

Complements study of the King and the early Tudor period in general

Visit by Henry VIII