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 Visit by Elizabeth I





Key Stages 1 & 2

A typical day may look like this:

Before morning break: An hour with Sir Walter Raleigh who will introduce the day and briefly look at the importance of Court before looking at privateers, explorers and the Armada.


After morning break: An hour with Thomas Phelippes one of the Queen's more nafarious spy masters who will enlist the pupils' help in breaking a cypher that has been intercepted before preparing them for their audience with Her Majesty


After lunch: One and a half hours with the Queen, with the two courtiers in attendance. The Queen will talk about the events of her life and will be happy to answer any questions that the pupils may have. She may invite them to sing along with her to raise her spirits and might even suggest a dance to end the day (both of these of course are subject to your individual Covid precautions).


Alternatively a half day session is also possible with the Queen and Sir Walter. Again this is totally flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements.




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The aim of the visit by Elizabeth I is to provide an insight into what life was

like at her court and open a window into the thoughts and emotions behind

the events and decisions of her reign. It is broadly based but can easily be

tailored to fit your individual learning requirements.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your ideas.

tel: 07788 140572    e mail: [email protected]

Hilary Window

Available in person or virtually

Complements study of the Queen and/or Kings and Queens in general.

Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level 

We offer a more intense experience lasting approx two hours which offers a chance for an audience with the Queen during which the pupils will learn the direcet importance of court on their lives before being able to question her on any aspect of her reign.


Our staff are all trained historians with many years' experience of portraying characters from the past at many important sites includidng the Tower of London and Hampton Court.